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RF Safety

Enabling regulators to manage the spectrum, radio station inspection And EMF compliance measurement and assessment.

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Unauthorized use of spectrum represents not just a nuisance to those who experience dropped calls or poor GPS coverage, but also a serious risk to public safety should interference affect essential emergency communications. As the number of “connected” devices grows, the RF spectrum will come under increasing pressure. Regulators need innovative ways to monitor and manage the spectrum if they are to withstand these developments. Fortunately, as the development of technology puts more pressure on the spectrum, the technology designed to monitor and manage it also moves on.

RFaz® technology is helping regulatory customers around the globe to more effectively.

  • Resolve interference cases
  • Monitor long-term spectrum occupancy to support decisions on reallocation.
  • Ensure public RF safety via EMF assessment
  • Secure RF environment with radio inspection for the installation base stations.
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