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Broadcast System

We are on the edge of Next Generation TV standard ATSC3.0 and provide high performance to WW.

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AGOS has released the world first ATSC3.0 commercial technology with our professional partners such as SFN, SHVC, SL-HDR from headend to transmitter. Recent advance All-in-one integrated platform is completed including HEVC/SHVC encoder, Multiplexer, Scheduler, Signaling and modulator within COTS server platform which can make cost effective and effective and easy maintenance approach made.
AGOS is the company that has the total transmission platform for ATSC3.0.

Why AGOS ATSC3.0 is helping broadcasting customers around the globe to more effectively?

  • AGOS can provide the whole solution from headend to transmitting part.
  • ATSC3.0 coverage and OTA quality measurement and analysis with professional solution from AGOS.
  • World leading technologies with our partners.

Next Gen TV solution Architecture

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