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Air Traffic Surveillance

To ensure the safety of Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control, AGOS provides ATC Simulator, Airport Operation Data Base and ATC signal monitoring system.

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Air traffic management (ATM) is the solutions of AGOS for the air traffic control simulation, Airport operation database and Air Traffic signals monitoring to ensure of safety in airport and near areas. Its mission is to enhance basic and advanced training of TWR/APP/ACC controllers. By providing the capability to simulate an unlimited range of high complexity operational situations, information of air/ground movements from radars, flight plans, air-ground data link capabilities, directional finders, external centers coordination, meteorological and aeronautical information along with 3D images of air/ground movements on the aerodrome visual scene.
The system continuously evaluates the environment of interrogations and replies and on-line indicates any abnormal situation that occurs. Acquired data are stored for further on-line analysis.

RFaz® technology is helping regulatory customers around the globe to more effectively.

  • Resolve interference cases
  • Monitor long-term spectrum occupancy to support decisions on reallocation.
  • Ensure public RF safety via EMF assessment
  • Secure RF environment with radio inspection for the installation base stations.
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