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RFaz Counter Drone

Spider Shield
RFaz SSDR-01
RFaz SSDR-02
High POI(Probability Of Intercept) with AOA Direction Finding method and geolocation with multi-DF-system
  • Simultaneously illegal Drone signal detection and direction finding.
  • High gain directional antenna array technology.
  • Dedicated 433, 916, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bandwidths.
  • Detection azimuth 360˚ angle with fast scanning method.
  • IP65 Weatherproof.
  • PoNE power and LAN communication and remote control
  • Real environment direction finding accuracy up to 2~5degree RMS.
  • Geolocation under 35ns RMS accuracy for sync.
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3D Radar
  • High-performance small Electronically Scanned Array(ESA) radar detects and tracks ground and air.
  • threats simultaneously in all conditions. Based on innovative MESA™ technology.
  • deliver ESA performance at orders of magnitude lower size, weight, power, and cost(ultra-low SWaP-C)
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Drone Sniper
  • Performs drone neutralization up to 3km and disables drone communication band and satellite navigation frequency ban through radio wave blocking. Fixed automatic linkage method and portable manual method.
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Drone Capture
  • It is a drone that delivers threat drones to neutralize drones, and it has high-speed movement, neutralization of target frones, and deployment techniques.
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